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2015 - 2023

Sullivan’s documentation of wildfires found its inception in the Western Cape province of South Africa in 2015. He has since become a fully trained wildland firefighter at ‘Crew Leader’ status. Sullivan’s training allows him to access fire lines all over the country, including being able to reach inaccessible areas in the mountains via Helicopter. Sullivan has filmed and photographed more than 80 fires across the country, using his work to promote environmental conservation.


As he continues to document wildfires, he’s set on expanding his portfolio to cover fires across the world, identifying the global problem of climate change and the importance of Fire Prevention and Awareness.

Latest documentary - Walking with Fire


2018 - 2023

In 2018, Sullivan began expanding his portfolio with wildlife filming projects. Since he was a child, Sullivan’s heart was set on conserving the raw, sun-drenched expanse of the wild African landscape.


His dream became reality when his contracts took him to places such as the Okavango, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and more.


Justin has since spent the majority of his time filming in wilderness areas and is currently based in the Greater Kruger, South Africa.