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Latest Release

Walking with Fire: A Wildfire Documentary

'Walking with Fire: A Wildfire Documentary' is an educational video aimed at creating awareness and educating the public on the dangers of wildfires. The frequency and intensity of wildfires in the Cape region has increased drastically over the last decade due to irregular climate patterns, population growth on the wildland-urban interface and an increase in human negligence and premeditated ignitions.

Video contracted by the Western Cape Provincial Government Disaster and Fire & Rescue Services.

Directed by Justin Sullivan


"I stand for documenting our truth, in an unseen world"

Justin is an award-winning documentary photographer and conservation filmmaker based in the Greater Kruger, South Africa – specialising in Conservation & Wildfires.


Growing up with a fierce passion for wildlife, travel, and conservation - after completing secondary school at Michaelhouse, Sullivan studied Development & Environmental Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. He bought his first camera during his travels through Germany, igniting his fervour for photography. 


Sullivan started his career by focusing on contemporary issues within South Africa - Shifting focus toward wildfires in late 2015, sparking a renewed awareness to their importance and associated destruction.


Sullivan’s conservation efforts and work have since been lauded both locally and internationally, earning him multiple global awards and exhibitions in various print and online publications. 


Sullivan continues to highlight the significance of the natural world and the animals that inhabit it; sparking inspiration for positive change and protection.

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